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Whatever the problem is with your computer or the Internet, our goal is to give you friendly, fast and as accurate as possible to help find a solution.

Network Management

A stable and secure (LAN) network starts with a professional firewall / router. Nowadays, the security of the network can already begin at the gate either directly to the Internet connection. Integral part of the service of Armaja IT Support is to establish, monitor and maintain your network.

POS Systems

You are looking for goods or services in the field of checkout or POS systems? Perhaps we can help you! Armaja offers its own selection of POS systems and related articles with decent quality for a good price prevails. We make a strict selection of the systems we offer, a cash register should be simple and works flawlessly. Does it not, we do not carry the system.
This will give you the quality you want and we have a satisfied customer!

Web Developments

A good website is more than pleasing to the eye, it must be clear and functional. Whether it's a website or webshop, Armaja takes into account the users of the website. When creating your website, we ensure that it fits perfectly with you or your brand. We can advise you in making the best choice together to achieve the desired result. Of course we appreciate your input choices and insights regarding colors, layouts and designs. Want to know more about our web design or offer specific customization?
Please feel free to contact us for an interview.


A backup is making a backup of your data to prevent data loss prevention and to protect your data against unforeseen circumstances. If you want to make a backup of your data, you may choose from a variety of solutions: an external hard disk, CD / DVDs, USB sticks, backup cartridges or Online Backup.
It is good that you are thinking of making a backup. It is one of the most overlooked acts or the operation is postponed constantly until it is too late. You may work with a local backup (external hard drive) but there are some incalculable limitations and drawbacks to this medium.

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